Dance Education Biennale

The dance education biennale serves for the promotion of growth in performance dance as well as the technical exchange of dance education institutions with each other. It is conceived of as a national forum for the meeting of and exchange between students and teachers and offers a platform on which graduates from all German and (by invitation) international training institutions can introduce both themselves and their projects and work results, in connection with the topics of the respective biennials, to a wide audience in various forms of presentation.

The dance education biennale is financed by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research as a national platform to promote the next generation of dancers.

The goals of the dance education biennale are to share wonderful artistic performances with a wider audience, to establish contact to the occupational field and with this to ease the transition of the next generation of dancers into the occupational practice, to make the connections between training and practice visible and to inform the public of the importance of qualified dance training and its value for the society. The biennial dance training is geared towards students from the member institutions of the Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz (AK|T).

The dance education biennale also serves the technical exchange of national federal dance training institutions with each other. As a forum for exchange between students and teachers, it offers a platform on which dance students from graduate classes from all German training institutions present their work to a wide audience, as well as gives them the possibility to research, investigate and reflect about occupationally relevant topics and questions together with international experts in workshops and discursive formats.

The 7th dance education biennale was held 2020 together with Kampnagel, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, Ballettschule of Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier and the Bundesjugendballett under the topic “City Of Dance”.

The 6th dance education biennale 2018 at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (HZT) was held with the topic „Dancing in the Street. What moves dance?“

The 5th dance education biennale 2016 at the Academy for Music and Dance Cologne/ Centre for Contemporary Dance was dedicated to the topic of “Reflection and feedback”.

The 4th dance education biennale in 2014 was held at the Palucca Academy for Dance in Dresden about the topic “EDUCATION_PROFESSION – A CREATIVE PROCESS”.

The 3rd dance education biennale about the topic “CULTURAL INHERITANCE DANCE” was held at the Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main in 2012.

The 2nd dance education biennale was held with the topic of “Methods of reconstruction”in Essen at the Folkwang University of Arts.

The 1st dance education biennale Tanzplan Deutschland was held in 2008 in the HAU in Berlin with the topic of “Digital tools and new media in training”. In 2010, with support from Tanzplan Deutschland, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and Ruhr 2010.

Ausbildungskonfertenz Tanz